Hello, I'm Theresa Edwards, the graphic designer behind this small design studio based out of San Diego, California. Currently, this is a one-woman show run on creativity, coffee and a healthy dose of optimism. With a B.S. in Graphic Design and over ten years of experience as a business professional, I have both the perspective of an artist and a business woman.

While I love the reach technology has given me as a creative professional, I still start every project with old fashioned pen and paper. My best ideas come to me as Iā€™m sketching out concepts. I think balance with technology is important. A computer may help you design quicker but it won't mask a bad concept. If the design is well thought out before you go to the computer then the machine will only make it stronger.

Creative services:
Branding, logo design, package design, Illustration, Web Design, Editorial Layout, Photography, and Typography.